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The number of people interviewed for this project is unusual for a feature documentary film. The producers felt that this film should be told in the words of the people who actually lived it. After uncovering many unusual and thrilling Cinerama stories, the film makers felt that having people verify the incidents and alternating between eyewitness "storytellers" could be an exciting editing technique. With the advent and popularity of the DVD format for home video, a large supplemental section will be created with some of the unused but still fascinating Cinerama stories told by the people listed below. The producers found many of these people to be passionate about Cinerama and its uniqueness as a medium as well as having provided a living for them during its heyday. On completion of this project these extensive interviews will he housed in the Margaret Herrick Library at of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences as part of their collection for future scholars.

Saul Cooper - Cinerama location publicity Richard Goldstone - Co-producer, co-director, SOUTH SEAS ADVENTURE Carol Dudley Katzka - Daughter of SOUTH SEAS ADVENTURE producer Carl Dudley Gloria Tetzlaff Conroy - Script supervisor, SEVEN WONDERS OF THE WORLD Frank Foulkes - WWII Airman - used gunnery trainer Bill Martinez - WWII Airman - used gunnery trainer
John Caron - Stepson of Fred Waller Tom Erffmeyer - Author of Cinerama thesis Louis DeRochemont Jr. - Associate producer, CINERAMA HOLIDAY, director, WINDJAMMER Gayne Rescher - Cameraman with Paul Mantz on travelogues, director of photography on WINDJAMMER Rudy Behlmer - Author and producer - Cooper/Zanuck expert Jim Morrison - Film editor and assistant director on Cinerama travelogues
Jane MacLardy Schacht - Cinerama production coordinator Leonard Maltin - Film critic and author Michael Todd Jr. - Filmed roller coaster sequence Lowell Thomas Jr. - Cinerama location scout Otto Lang - Director, SEARCH FOR PARADISE Wentworth Fling - Cinerama engineer and executive V.P. of Cinerama, Inc.
Larry Smith - Manager New Neon Movies Greg Kimble - Expert on Henry Hathaway Arthur Manson - Cinerama public relations V.P. Gregg Mantz - Grandson of Hollywood pilot Paul Mantz Dick Babish - Cinerama technician who built the camera Debbie Reynolds - Actress, HOW THE WEST WAS WON
Russ Tamblyn - Actor, WONDERFUL WORLD OF THE BROTHERS GRIMM & HOW THE WEST WAS WON Carroll Baker - Actress, HOW THE WEST WAS WON Eli Wallach - Actor, HOW THE WEST WAS WON Loren Janes - Stuntman, HOW THE WEST WAS WON John Harvey - "Mr. Cinerama" Dayton, Ohio John Butkovich - Sony Pictures executive
Howard Rust - Cinerama advocate - U.K. Joe Dante - Film director Kevin Brownlow - Film historian and producer Roy Webb - Bus & Don Hatch biographer David Blangsted - Assistant film editor, SEVEN WONDERS OF THE WORLD Bob Morgan - Ace stuntman injured during filming of HOW THE WEST WAS WON
John Belton - Film historian and author of "Widescreen Movies" Bob Bendick - Cinerama director and executive John Primi - Fred Waller's co-worker and friend John Marsh - Star of CINERAMA HOLIDAY Betty Marsh - Star of CINERAMA HOLIDAY Marianna Thomas - Widow of Lowell Thomas
Ken Weissman - Library of Congress Restoration Expert Scott Marshall - Publisher "Widegauge Newsletter" Corky Fornoff - Stunt Pilot and Paul Mantz Expert David Pal - Assistant Cameraman with Cinerama Walter Hanneman - Cinerama Sound Editor Bob Vergatta - grew up at Oyster Bay, Long Island
Claude Johnson - Actor, HOW THE WEST WAS WON Fred Troller - Star of CINERAMA HOLIDAY Bea Troller - Star of CINERAMA HOLIDAY Alex Reeves - Son of Hazard Reeves Bernard Smith - Producer, HOW THE WEST WAS WON Roger Mayer - President, Turner Entertainment
David Raksin - Award Winning Film Composer Norman Karlin - Cinerama Film Editor Keith Swadkins - International Cinerama Society UK A. C. Lyles - Paramount Executive and Film Historian Andrew Reisini - Son of Nicholas Reisini Chas. Fitzsimons - Associate to Merian C. Cooper
Richard Cooper - Son of Merian C. Cooper Plato Skouras - Son of Spyros Skouras-Fox Executive who developed CinemaScope AND A FEW SURPRISES


Carroll Baker
Debbie Reynolds
Eli Wallach
Russ Tamblyn
Claude Johnson
Betty & John Marsh, Bea & Fred Troller
Loren Janes
Bob Morgan

Lowell Thomas, Jr.
Mike Todd, Jr.
David Raksin
Richard Goldstone
Otto Lang
Bob Bendick
Jane MacLardy Schacht
Jim Morrison
Norman Karlin
David Blangsted
Walter Hanneman
Saul Cooper
Gregg Mantz
Corky Fornoff
David Pal
Louis DeRochemont III
Gayne Rescher
Bernard Smith
Gloria Tetzlaff Conroy

Rudy Behlmer
Kevin Brownlow
Leonard Maltin
John Belton
Thomas Erffmeyer
Greg Kimble
A. C. Lyles
Scott Marshall
Ken Weissman
Roger Mayer
Roy Webb

Plato Skouras
Arthur Manson
Larry Smith
John Harvey
John Butkovich

Dick Babish
Wentworth Fling
John Caron
John Primi

Gunnery Trainer Airmen:
Bill Martinez
Frank Foulkes

Richard Cooper
Joe Dante
Andrew Reisini
Charles Fitzsimons
Marianna Thomas
Howard Rust
Keith Swadkins
Bob Vergatta
Alex Reeves

(Actress, "How the West Was Won")
(Actress, "How the West Was Won")
(Actor, "How the West Was Won")
(Actor, Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm & West Was Won")
(Actor, "How the West Was Won")
The four stars of "Cinerama Holiday"
(Stuntman, "How the West Was Won")
(Stuntman injured on "How The West Was Won")

(Cinerama Location Scout and son of Lowell Thomas)
(filmed Roller Coaster Sequence and son of Mike Todd)
(award winning Film Composer)
(Co-Producer/Co-Director, "South Seas Adventure")
(Director, "Search for Paradise")
(Cinerama Director and Executive)
(Cinerama Production Coordinator)
(Crew Member on first three Cinerama travelogue films)
(Cinerama Film Editor)
(Assistant Film Editor, "Seven Wonders of the World")
(Cinerama Sound Editor)
(Cinerama location publicity)
(Grandson of Hollywood Pilot Paul Mantz)
(Stunt Pilot and Paul Mantz Expert)
(Assistant Cameraman with Cinerama)
(Associate Producer, Cinerama Holiday / Director "Windjammer")
(Cameraman with Paul Mantz on travelogues)
(Producer of "How The West Was Won")
(Script Supervisor "Seven Wonders of the World")

(Author & Producer, Cooper/Zanuck Expert)
(Documentary Producer & Abel Gance Expert)
(Film Critic & Author)
(Author, "Widescreen Cinema," Rutgers University)
(Author of Cinerama Thesis)
(Expert on Henry Hathaway)
(Paramount Executive and Film Historian)
(Publisher, "WideGauge" Magazine)
(Library of Congress Restoration Expert)
(President, Turner Entertainment)
(Don & Bus Hatch biographer)

(son of Spyros Skouras-Fox Executive who developed CinemaScope)
(Cinerama Public Relations V.P.)
(Manager, Neon Theatre)
(Mr. Cinerama of Dayton, Ohio)
(Sony Pictures Executive)

(Cinerama Technician who built the camera)
(Former executive VP Cinerama Inc.)
(Stepson of Fred Waller-the Cinerama Inventor)
(Fred Waller's co-worker and friend)

(Son of Merian C. Cooper)
(Film Director)
(Son of Nicolas Reisini)
(Associate to Merian C. Cooper)
(widow of Lowell Thomas)
(Cinerama Fan UK)
(International Cinerama Society UK)
(grew up at Oyster Bay, Long Island)
(Son of Hazard Reeves)

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