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A C.A. Productions Documentary
in association with
The American Society of Cinematographers

C.A. Productions presents
A David Strohmaier Film


Produced and Directed By
David Strohmaier

Produced By
Randy Gitsch

Executive Producer
Carin-Anne Strohmaier

Gary S. Hall

Production Associate
Mark A. Martin

Music By
John Morgan and William Stromberg

With Special Appearances By

Debbie Reynolds
Carroll Baker
Eli Wallach
Russ Tamblyn

Special thanks to

Pacific Theatres and
Michael Forman for without
their support this film would not
be possible.

Consultant for Cinerama, Inc.
Gunther Jung

Written and Edited by
David Strohmaier

Camera - Los Angeles and New York
Gerald Saldo

Additional Cameramen

Jim Prues
Dayton, Ohio
Dan Steger
Chicago, Illinois
Michael Droubay
Salt Lake City, Utah
Greg Grant
Anchorage, Alaska
Britt Jones
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Morten Skallerud
Oslo, Norway
Todd Fisher
Las Vegas, Nevada
Lloyd Friedus
Santa Monica, California
Paul Scrabo
Hanover, New Hampshire
Rodney Diehl
Portal, Arizona
Steve Shorten
County Kildare, Ireland
Mickey Youmans
Hilton Head Island, South Carolina
John Mitchell
Brinkley, Arkansas
Adrian Raistrick
Bradford, England
John Chester
Cheshire, England

Special Visual Effects and Smilebox® executed by
Brian P. Ross

Cinerama Sequences Reconstructed by
Greg Kimble

Production Consultant
Harrison Engle

Original Cinerama Engineers
Richard Babish
John Caron
Wentworth Fling
John Primi
Erik M. Rondum

Original Cinerama Production Staff
Bob Bendick
David Blangsted
Gloria Tetzlaff Conroy
Saul Cooper
Louis DeRochemont III
Richard Goldstone
Walter Hanneman
Loren Janes
Norman Karlin
Otto Lang
Bob Morgan
Jim Morrison
David Pal
David Raksin
Gayne Rescher A.S.C.
Jane MacLardy Schacht
Bernard Smith
Lowell Thomas, Jr.
Mike Todd, Jr.

Film Historians
Rudy Behlmer
John Belton
Kevin Brownlow
Thomas Erffmeyer
Greg Kimble
A. C. Lyles
Leonard Maltin
Roger Mayer
Keith Swadkins
Roy Webb

John Harvey
Arthur Manson
Plato Skouras
Larry Smith

Cinerama Fans & Friends
John Butkovich
Richard Cooper
Joe Dante
Charles FitzSimons
Corky Fornoff
Frank Foulkes
Claude Johnson
Carol Dudley Katzka
Greg Mantz
Bill Martinez
Alex Reeves
Andrew Reisini
Howard Rust
Mariana Thomas
Bob Vergatta

Jessica Berman-Bogdan
TJ Edwards
Susan Hormuth
Greg Kimble
Scott Marshall
Mark A. Martin
David Pierce

Stills Sources

Stuart Galbraith IV
USC Warner Brothers Archives

Claire Keith
Lowell Thomas Archives
Marist College

James D'Arc
Merian C. Cooper Collection
Brigham Young University

John Sittig
Pacific Theatres & Cinerama, Inc. Archives

Marc Wanamaker
Bison Archives

Michael Friend & Barbera Hall
Academy of Motion Picture
Arts and Sciences

John Caron and Catherine Munroe
Fred Waller Family Archives

Greg Mantz
Paul Mantz Family Archives

Richard J. Sklenar
Theatre Historical Society of America

National Archives
Washington D.C.

Kevin Brownlow
Photoplay Productions

Patrick Stanbury
Kevin Brownlow Collection

Stan's Drive-Inn photo
© 2005 Edwin Schober,

"Ushers" & "Ticket Window" photos
Donated by Corbus-Bettmann

Fee Jacobson
South Dakota Historical Society

Bill Lawrence
National Museum of
Photography, Film & Television
Bradford, England

John Harvey
Cinerama Preservation Society

Mott Studios / S. Charles Lee Papers Collection
Dept. of Special Collections
Charles E. Young Research Library, UCLA

John Belton

Mitzi Cuputo and Karen Martin
Huntington Historical Society

Martin Hart
The American WideScreen Museum

American Museum of the Moving Image

Museum of the City of New York

Galen Rowell, Mountain Light Gallery

Architectural Photography

Film Resources

UCLA Film and Television Archive

Fox Movietonews, Inc.

The WPA Film Library

Historic Films

Mark Taylor
National Air & Space Museum

National Archives
Washington D.C.

Producers Library Service

Grinberg Worldwide Images

The Douris Corp.

Jeff Joseph
Sabucat Productions

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British Pathé pic

David Pierce

Lorraine Collier
KOMO-TV 4 News, Seattle WA

John Steven Lasher
Fifth Continent Movie Classics

Twentieth Century Fox Film Library

Michael Rose Productions

Ken Kramer
Clip Joint for Film

British Film Institute
and Photoplay Productions

La Cinemathèque Fran├žaise

Special Thanks To

Richard Crudo, A.S.C.
Steven Poster, A.S.C.
John Hora, A.S.C.
William A. Fraker, A.S.C.
Robert Primes, A.S.C.
Roy H. Wagner, A.S.C.
American Society of Cinematographers
Bob Fisher

Leon Silverman
Christine Purse
LaserPacific Media Corporation

Brian Jamieson

Jonathan Williamson
Eastman Kodak Company

Keith Swadkins
The International Cinerama Society

Pius V Chapel, Oyster Bay Long Island
Birthplace of Cinerama

Doug Haines
Friends of Cinerama

Museum of Flying, Santa Monica, CA

Peter G. Kuran
VCE, Inc.

Kent Gibson
Soundesign Studio

Eileen McGarry

Additional thanks to
Irv Antler
Kate Baker
Mark Baldock
Stacey Behlmer
David Bogorad
Derek Bodkin
Willem Bouwmeester
Bill Brewington
Leon Briggs
Francois Carrin
Wendy Carter
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Richard Ducar
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Chris Holm
Paul Hrisko
Jim Hudson
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Grace McCandless
Deborah Marriott
Mark Miller
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Bill and Stella Pence
Richard Prey
Randy Pryde
Peter H. Rondum
Phil Sheridan
Barbara Skouras
Louise Stevenson
Susan McCarthy Todd
Rick Utley
Richard Vincent

The producers also wish to thank

Warner Bros. and Turner Entertainment Co.
for providing clips from
Bring 'Em Back Alive
King Kong
How The West Was Won
The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm
Grand Prix
2001: A Space Odyssey

Pacific Theatres for providing clips from
This Is Cinerama
Cinerama Holiday
Seven Wonders of the World
Search For Paradise
South Seas Adventure

Footage from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom courtesy of
Viacom Consumer Products,
Paramount Pictures and LucasFilm Ltd.
All Rights Reserved

Footage from Star Wars (Special Edition) courtesy of
Twentieth Century Fox and LucasFilm Ltd.
All Rights Reserved

Footage from Abel Gance's Napoleon courtesy of
Robert A. Harris / The Film Preserve Ltd.
Zoetrope Corporation

Special three-panel telecine was accomplished at
Greg Kimble at Riot Colors
Marcie Malooly, General Manager
An Ascent Media Company
and at
Crest National Digital Media Complex
John Truckenmiller and Ron Feneis

Sound Designed by
Technicolor Weddington Productions

Supervising Sound Editors
Richard L. Anderson, M.P.S.E.
James Morioka
Andrew Simon Susul

Sound Effects Editors
Sheldon M. Bridge
James Christopher
Marvin Walowitz

Sound Effects Recordist
Nick Shaffer

Digital Assistant
Mark Coffey

Music Editorial
Erin Michael Rettig

Virtual Mix Studios
BG Predub
Mark Binder

Sound Trax Studios

Re-recording Mixer
Jeremy Hoenack, CAS

Re-recording with Sound Trax Virtual MixTM

Mixed and Recorded in a

THX Certified Facility

Andy Potvin
Russell H. Allen

Diane Prentice Music Clearance, Inc.
Angelo Longo

Bayside Video,
Santa Monica, CA


LaserPacific Media Corporation

Associate Producer
Derek Bodkin

Color Timers
Bruce Pearson
Tom Overton

On-line Editors
Michael Weitzman and Val Eisleben
Don Montoure

Titles by
Shirley Knecht
Marsha Cohen

Fiscal Sponsorship by
The International Documentary Association



Digital Imagining Manager
Matt McFarland

Production Manager
Beverly Brooks

Transform Colorist
Robert Jung

C.A. Productions LLC & Turner Entertainment Co. are the authors
of this motion picture for purposes of copyright and other laws.

This motion picture is protected under the laws of the United States and other countries.
Any unauthorized reproduction, distribution, or exhibition of this motion picture or any
part thereof including the soundtrack may result in severe civil and criminal penalties.

"CINERAMA" and the Cinerama logo are registered
trademarks of Cinerama, Inc. Used with Permission

This film is dedicated to all the
original Cinerama crews, technicians
and exhibitors who for fourteen years
lifted us out of our seats and put us
into the picture.



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