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Judging from a rough cut Strohmaier showed me it will be superb, full of humor, drama, and genuine pathos, a surprisingly human tale.

Bruce Handy,
Vanity Fair

I have just had a look at the rough cut and think you have a winner with this historic production.

Lowell Thomas Jr.,
Son of world explorer, broadcaster, and Cinerama producer Lowell Thomas

It is thrilling, the stuntman sequence is absolutely inspirational. The star value you've got, the rare extracts and fascinating detail should win you sales all over the world. This will be a stunning documentary, keep up the good work.

Kevin Brownlow,
Award winning documentary producer/director

I personally think this is a fabulous documentary. The people behind the creation of Cinerama were pioneers in the true sense of the word, as Dave's documentary demonstrates. I would think anyone genuinely interested in the movies would want to have this documentary in their home video collection.

Brian Jamieson,
Vice president of Warner Home Video International Marketing

The full story of Cinerama and its effect on the film industry has never been told. Dave Strohmaier's documentary promises to tell that story at long last. The rough cuts I've seen combine colorful first hand accounts with breathtaking rarely seen widescreen thrills by the pioneers of Cinerama film making. This material is engaging, amazing, and exciting—much like Cinerama itself. But it is also great film history and will interest anyone who loves the cinema.

John Belton,
Film historian, author, professor of English at Rutgers University

I’ll never forget what it was like to see the Cinerama process for the first time as a kid. We wanted wider screens, and thanks to This Is Cinerama, we came to expect a moment like the famous roller coaster sequence in every single film – a moment where vision merged with pure physical sensation. It’s hard to overestimate the importance of Cinerama – it set the standard for everything that came after. The widening of the screen was a turning point in the history of movies – that glorious shape, introduced to us for the first time through Cinerama, created a sense of excitement that I still feel today. It altered the historical course of movies as dramatically as the introduction of sound.

This enjoyable film brings it all back. First of all, it tells the story of Cinerama itself, how it was developed, and how the films were made under the most treacherous conditions – in some cases at the cost of human lives. Cinerama Adventure also gives you a sense of what this wonderful technology was like, how it felt to walk into a theater, sit down and see those remarkable, 3-paneled images.

Martin Scorsese,
Motion Picture Producer, Director


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