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Amazing and Bizarre

During the production of this documentary the filmmakers discovered a gigantic sweep of history connecting how people, places and incidents not only affected Cinerama but in some cases the world.

Abel Gance's Napoleon, filmed in France in 1927. The approximately 15 minute ending to the eight hour epic was done in a three projector scheme, somewhat similar to Cinerama.

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  • Wide screen at the end of the 19th Century

  • D.W. Griffith & Cecil B. DeMille and special effects in silent cinema
  • The invention of the water ski

  • Lawrence Of Arabia & Lowell Thomas, taking a legend around the world

  • Jazz Greats of the 1930s: Duke Ellington, Billie Holiday, Fats Waller

  • Merian C. Cooper and "King Kong"

  • Frank Buck, "Bring Em Back Alive"

  • 1939 New York Worlds Fair

  • A secret U.S. WWII virtual reality training device

  • Henry Luce of Time-Life and Lawrence Rockefeller invest

  • The New York Explorers Club

  • The beginnings of Stereo Sound-Surrounding the audience

  • Hollywood turns green with envy

  • The forgotten box office hits of the 1950s

  • The Academy Awards

  • Death On The Indus River

  • The Suez Crisis

  • A daredevil pilot and an active volcano

  • Bungee Jumping long before it was called Bungee

  • A celluloid "cold war" with the Soviets

  • The "Cinema Circus" comes to town

  • A Hollywood tragedy

  • The Cuban Missile Crisis

  • The death of cinema showmanship
Willis O'Brien sketch from planned remake of King Kong in Cinerama

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